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  • Status
    • JobScheduler does not provide a specific SAP Plugin nor is JobScheduler certified by SAP
    • A feature proposal is available, please add your comments and vote for this feature:
      JS-1308 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Proposed Integration Scenario
    • Integration with SAP NetWeaver
    • Full support of the BC-XBP interface inclduding the functionality
      • Job definition
      • Job control
      • Job deletion
      • Starting jobs (using immediate start)
      • Canceling active jobs
      • Accessing information about jobs (status, logs, etc.)
      • Accessing information about SAP Job Scheduling System resources
  • Current Integration Scenarios
    • In fact you can run jobs on the supported platforms that would access SAP modules by individually developed Java jobs that use SAP RFCs.
    • Frequent scenarios include JobScheduler to be integrated by file watching for incoming and outgoing files.
    • JobScheduler has been integrated with Tivoli Workload Scheduler Master for an SAP environment, see Controlling JobScheduler with a Tivoli Workload Scheduler MasterThis solution is available and would replace TWS Agents by JobScheduler instances for improved flexibility.
  • Community Effort
    • This feature requires funding for development and for the commercial certification process
    • Interested parties can support this feature by specifying requirements and by providing access to their SAP test environments

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