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Job Initiation


What type of events are available to initiate jobs (e.g. presence of a file)?


Jobs can be configured to start after the following events:

  • file system events: file has been added deleted; file names to be triggered can be configured as regular expressions;
  • calendar events: a given date, weekday, day of month, ultimo; these events can be configured to respect holidays;
  • API events: use of the API method spooler_job.start(); this method can be used by other jobs in any of the languages Java, Javascript, Perl, VBScript;
  • XML commands sent to the JobScheduler via TCP/IP or UDP datagrams. Jobs can be started, stopped (and otherwise controlled) by simple XML commands, e.g.
    <start_job job="cleanup_tmp_files" at="now">.
  • events created by the JobScheduler Operations Center (JOC) using the XML commands listed above.
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