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Scripting Jobs in the Standard Unix Scripting Languages (sh, Perl)

sh and Perl scripts can be launched as executables.

Even more interesting are scripted jobs that make use of the JobScheduler's API Interface, e.g.

  • to write to the JobScheduler logs which are visible in JOC, the JobScheduler Operations Center interface interface (and automatically mail logs in case of errors, warnings or success),
  • to set the job processing state,
  • to launch other jobs via API and to process job parameters.

Scripted jobs with the API support are not just launched in a new process, but run in a child instance of the JobScheduler. This exposes the API objects and methods directly to the script. The JobScheduler is linked to the language interfaces for the scripting languages supported.

Jobs that make use of the API are preferably written in

  • Java,
  • JavaScript
  • Perl jobs with API support may be operated for Windows provided that an ActiveState implementation is installed. For Linux and Solaris there are restrictions due to the fact that Perl is not threadsafe implemented. We have to link the Perl libraries to the JobScheduler for these platforms.

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