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  • The outage of an Agent will stop the execution of workflows with that Agent. Workflows running with Agents that remain available are unaffected.
  • Workflows that miss their scheduled execution date will be executed when the Agent becomes available.

Controller Behavior

  • The Controller is used at design-time to deploy workflows and to submit orders to Agents. At run-time the Controller receives information about execution results and order state transitions from Agents.
  • If an Agent becomes unavailable then
    • the Controller will try to reconnect to the respective Agent.
    • the Controller reports the missing Agent connection to the JOC Cockpit.
  • When the connection to the Agent is re-established then the Controller continues receipt of execution results and order state transitions.

JOC Cockpit Behavior

  • JOC Cockpit receives information about Agents from a Controller. There is no direct connection from JOC Cockpit to Agents.
  • In case of outage of an Agent
    • the Controller reports the information to JOC Cockpit that will display the missing Agent connection with its JS7 - Dashboard.
    • any interaction with an Agent such as deployment of workflows or requests for submission/cancellation of orders to that Agent are delayed. The Controller accepts such requests and will forward them to the Agent when the Agent becomes available. It is therefore not required to repeat such requests as they are promised to be executed on availability of an Agent.


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