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This job is used as a standalone solution or triggered by orders to execute statements in a database.
These can be database procedures or SQL statements.

The description JobSchedulerManagedDatabaseJob.xml is stored in the ./jobs directory of your Job Scheduler installation.

The SQL instructions are written in the command parameter.
It is possible to define more than one instruction in the command parameter.
Such instructions are then carried out in the order in which they are written and must be separated by a semicolon and a subsequent new line.

You can use 
 as newline.

The following is an example of a job chain in which the command contains two statements separated by 

The job chain launchDB.job_chain.xml:

 <[ job_chain] orders_recoverable="yes" visible="yes">
     <[ job_chain_node] state="launch"  job="launchDB" next_state="success" error_state="error"/>
     <job_chain_node state="success"/>
     <job_chain_node state="error"/>

The order launchDB,updateMyTable.order.xml:
It contains an update statement and a commit.

 <[ order] title="update MY_TABLE">
     <[ params]>
         <[ param ]name="command"        value="update MY_TABLE set a='foo' where b='bar';&amp;#10;commit;"/>
     <[ run_time]/>

The job launchDB.job.xml: It executes the statements.

 <[ job] title="Launch Database Statement" order="yes" stop_on_error="no">
        <include file="jobs/JobSchedulerManagedDatabaseJob.xml"/>
    <[ params]>
        <[ param ]name="db_class"        value="SOSMySQLConnection"/>
        <[ param ]name="db_driver"       value="com.mysql.jdbc.Driver"/>
        <[ param ]name="db_url"          value="jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/scheduler"/>
        <[ param ]name="db_user"         value="scheduler"/>
        <[ param ]name="db_password"     value="scheduler"/>
        <[ param ]name="command"         value=""/>
    <[ script ]language="java" java_class="sos.scheduler.managed.JobSchedulerManagedDatabaseJob"/>
    <[ run_time]/>
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