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Can I use a parameter for the directory when setting up file_order_source?

Question: I tried something like $SCHEDULER_PARAM_INCOMING_DIR (after defining INCOMING_DIR at the job chain), but it doesn’t seem to work. How can I parameterize the monitored directory?


  • You cannot use parameters with file_order_source.
  • Instead of a script with file_order_source we recommend you use the JobSchedulerExistsFile job, which comes with the JITL Jobs explained that are provided with JobScheduler.
  • The JobSchedulerExistsFile job allows to define your own polling rate and to parameterize the folder name. It also checks whether the file size is constant, i.e. to verify if the file is still being written to, and will proceed only if the file size is not changing.



  • Please note that, at the moment this job works only on Linux systems.
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