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Time Zones

Time zones can be specified for jobs and orders:

Set time zone for an order / job in JOE:

JOE-155 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Instead of local time the JobScheduler engine uses UTC time.

  • The time zone of the JobScheduler is configurable with <config time_zone="...">.
  • Time zone names are used from the tz database, for example time zone "Europe/Berlin".
  • The time zone of jobs and orders is configurable with the tag <run_time time_zone="...">.
  • The time zone for schedules is not configurable with the tag <schedule time_zone="..."> - instead use <run_time schedule="..." time_zone="..."> see JS-1397 - Getting issue details... STATUS .
  • The timestamp column in log files is displayed in the JobScheduler's time zone.
  • The file scheduler.log uses local time as before.
  • Timestamps in XML answers are marked with the suffix "Z" for UTC time.

The JobScheduler uses the package Joda Time for time arithmetic.

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