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Is it possible to run JobScheduler without an X-Server?


  • According to JobScheduler – Installation Guide (chapter 1.2), an X-Server and GTK2 is required for Unix systems. But what about Linux systems?
  • We do not support X-Server due to security reasons and overhead.
  • The references to X-Server and GTK2 of the JobScheduler Installation Guide apply to two of our GUIs, 
  • JobScheduler itself can be operated from the command line and you can install it on Linux systems without an X-server.
  • For installation purposes you can configure JobScheduler by editing files as described in Chapter 2 of the Installation Guide. The scheduler_install.xml file, which is listed in this chapter, is intended to be self explaining.
  • If you wish to use our GUIs from a computer with a graphical interface, you can carry out standalone installions of JOE and JID and then access the JobSchedulers running on your machines without an X-Server remotely.


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