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The <process../> element in a job configuration was useful to start an executable.

This above configuration is deprecated:

JS-1173 - <process.../> element in a job configuration is deprecated Removed

You can use the following replacement:

You can download a converter .

Extract the archive i.e. in the ./config directory of the JobScheduler installation.
Then call it ...

  • ...on Windows with
  • ...on Linux with

where a.job.xml is a job configuration with a process element.
The JobScheduler installation contains a saxon9he.jar in the ./lib directory.

Please note that JOE has a bug when it stores a job with a <process.../> element.
It creates a <script.../> element in addition:

In this case please use the converter or JOE to put the data from the job's process file tab into the job's script tab.