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If I have a stand-alone job set to run every 30 minutes, what will happen if that job is still running after 30 minutes? What I need to happen is that the job will just continue to run and will not start again until it is complete.


The simplest approach here is to set either the repeat or absolute_repeat attributes for the JobScheduler period element.

In JOE, this is done by selecting the stand-alone Job in the Scheduler Elements window and then opening the "Run Time" "Every Day" form. Then select "New Period" in the Periods window to activate the "Start Time" fields. Then select either "Interval end/start" or "Interval start/start" with the drop-down button.

  • "Interval end/start" corresponds with the XML setting:
        <period repeat="00:30:00" begin="00:00" end="24:00" />
  • "Interval start/start" corresponds with the setting:
        <period absolute_repeat="00:30:00" begin="00:00" end="24:00" />

The repeat attribute will cause the job to be restarted, in this case, 30 minutes after it has last ended.
The repeat attribute defines the interval between job runs.

The absolute_repeat attribute will cause the job to be started every, in this case, 30 minutes. This will occur so long as a job does not take longer than the repeat interval.
The absolute_repeat attribute defines the period between job starts.
Note, however, that JobScheduler is programmed so that if a job which is set to rerun every 30 minutes using the absolute_repeat attribute should take longer than this to complete then JobScheduler will wait until the job has completed before restarting it.

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