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Required Resources

  • The JobScheduler application itself does not require a lot of resources.
    • It should work with any standard implementation of the supported operating systems.
    • For details about the software requirements of a JobScheduler installation see the installation instructions in your installation package.
  • The resources required by JobScheduler at run-time depend on 
    • the number of processes running in parallel and 
    • the prerequisites of the processes, e.g. memory and CPU consumption. 
  • Therefore it is not possible to state the resources required for a JobScheduler server environment without knowledge of the processes that should be executed and of their frequency.
  • The same applies to the database used by JobScheduler. As JobScheduler stores the history of job executions, possibly including zipped log files, in the database we recommend to allocate some GB in your database and to check regularly the expected growth.

The above information is true in the same way for the JobScheduler Agent server environment that will not require significantly less resources as a JobScheduler server.

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