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  • In a remote configuration service (RCS) the supervising JobScheduler manages a central configuration directory (generally named remote) for transport (push) of JobScheduler object files to the Workload JobSchedulers (WJS).
  • The objects that have to be deployed are stored in the subfolders of the folder named remote of the config folder of the supervising JobScheduler. 
    • There is a subfolder named _all the content of which will be pushed to all connected WJS.
    • There could be other subfolders with a name that is created from <servername>#<portnumber> the content of which is pushed to the WJS running on <servername> and listening on <portnumber>. For every WJS a subfolder is expected and has to be created.
  • In the configuration of a WJS the address of the RCS has to be customized.
    • Once a Workload JobScheduler is started, it sends a registration message to the RCS via TCP/IP. 
    • The RCS then sends the current configuration objects from the RCS's remote directory with an internal command via TCP/IP to the WJS. 
    • The RCS then transfers the objects to the folder cache in the config folder of the WJS.
  • Whenever a configuration file is changed in the remote directory of the RCS, it sends a message via UDP to all WJS to signal that the configuration has changed.
    • Sometimes the signalling to the WJS might not work due to the UDP port (or UDP in general) being blocked by a firewall of the server, where the WJS is running.
      • In JobScheduler versions older than 1.3.9 this is not logged to the JobScheduler log file.
      • With releases 1.3.9 and newer a warning message is added to scheduler.log, if it is not possible for the RCS to send the 'configuration is changed' signal via UDP to a WJS:
        SCHEDULER-474 Workload scheduler is not responding to UDP message since 2010-09-09 14:28:50.000 UTC (72s). Workload scheduler's configuration can not be updated.]
  • There is a panel in JOC where all the connected WJSs are listed.

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