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Follow the links on our Agentless Scheduling page for more detailed information.

JobScheduler Agents

A JobScheduler Universal Agent is a platform independent Java based “thin client” that is directed by a JobScheduler Master. The JobScheduler Universal Agent is installed on the remote machine, it receives commands, executes tasks and returns the execution history and logs to the JobScheduler Master.

A typical JobScheduler Agent situation is presented in the following diagram:


See the following links for more information about working with JobScheduler Agents:

Comparison of SSH and JobScheduler Agent usage

SSH solutions are more flexible in configuration but with working with Agents allows our JITL jobs to be executed, real-time logging and allow operating system independent API jobs to be run.

The most important features of each solution are summarized in the following table:

FeatureSSHJobScheduler Agent
Execute jobs with different user IDsyesyes
Configure jobs centrallyyesyes
Provide API jobs,
see JITL Jobs by topic,
see API Interface 
Provide real time lognoyes
Control termination of tasks,
see How to Terminate Tasks
Distribute job loadnoyes
Fail-over for high availability,
see Agent Cluster
Run without installationyesno
Run on all operating systemsnoyes


Please note the following:

  • Mixed operation of SSH and JobScheduler Agents is possible.
  • Further that the addressing of the server on which the job should be run in both procedures is different. Jobs to be executed by a JobScheduler Agent are assigned through the Process Classes and the jobs run under the user ID and the privileges of the JobScheduler Agent.
  • SSH jobs have parameters to define the server as well as the authentication.
  • SSH jobs require a minimum of 32MB main memory per job execution for a JVM to be loaded. Consider memory consumption for higher number of parallel SSH jobs.
  • SSH can be used under Windows with copSSH (, an openSSH implementation,  or similar products. Windows environments provide limited support for SSH, see Limitations when using SSH jobs for Windows.

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