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In order to prepare the database server I’d like to know the size (in GB) of the data volume and the archive volume needed for JobScheduler.


The most important single factor here is theJobScheduler's log files. In turn, their size will depend on the following:

  1. The jobs themselves - How much information do they log?
  2. Your scheduling - How often will each job run?
  3. Your JobScheduler configuration - what log levels are set?
  4. Your housekeeping - How long do you want to keep your log files on your server?

You can do a quick sum once you have a basic idea of the numbers and then you can add on safety factors. To help you get a quick 'order of magnitude' idea of how much space you could require, a 'CheckDaysSchedule' job, one of the standard JITL Jobs JobScheduler uses to check what it has to do, typically has a log file size around 10KB.

Typical database volume sizes start at around 10 - 15 GB.

We recommend that you use our JITL Jobs by Topic: Housekeeping to regularly maintain the log files. Once these jobs have been put into place and a run for a cycle the database volume size will remain more or less constant until new jobs or job runs are configured.

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