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Server Variable standard_conforming_strings

For Postgres version 9.1 and newer the standard_conforming_strings variable is set to on.

This parameter controls whether or not ordinary string literals ('...') treat backslashes literally as specified in the SQL standard. This behaviour is different to the behaviour of Postgres versions older than 9.1 and will cause JobScheduler releases older than 1.10.5 to throw an exception.

The following workaround is available for users of JobScheduler releases older than 1.10.5 using Postgres version 9.1 and newer:

  • Turn off standard_conforming_strings in your PostgresSQL configuration.
    For those who do not want to change this globally, this setting can be changed for individual users:

    ALTER USER [scheduler_user] SET standard_conforming_strings = off;


JS-781 - Getting issue details... STATUS

The behavior of JobScheduler was modified with release 1.10.5 to take account of the standard_conforming_strings variable being set to on. Users of older JobSchedulers that have implemented the workaround described above and are updating to release 1.10.5 or newer should change the Postgres standard_conforming_strings variable back to the default on setting. The JobScheduler will not start if this is not done. 

Server Variable bytea_output

Since PostgreSQL version 9.1 the parameter bytea_output defaults to hex.
This setting should be modified to the value: escape.
For those who do not want to change this globally, this setting can be changed on a user level:

  alter user scheduler set bytea_output = 'escape'




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