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e-mail addresses can be configured at job level as well.


The from-address which is used by JobScheduler if an e-mail is to be sent is specified in the configuration.
This address is used in general for all e-mails.

If you want to use an address that depends on the job or the order, then address has to be changed using the "internal API" of the JobScheduler and specified in a "pre-processing" script.

The address itself can be a string constant or can be defined by job- or order-parameters used in the job.


The job used as an example will execute a short shell script and then exit with exit-code 5.
The coding used in the "pre-processing" routine "spooler_process_before" modifies the "from address" to "" for this job. The modification is only effective for this job.

    <job name="job8">
        <script language="shell">
        echo process
        exit 5
    <monitor name="process0"
        < script language="javascript">
                function spooler_process_before() {
                    spooler_log.mail.from = "";
          'some log entry ....');
                    return true;
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