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The components installed and the methods used to start jobs depend on the architecture that is being installed:

Remote Execution

  • A JobScheduler Agent without its own configuration or a JobScheduler instance can be installed. (this is called the client). Processes on the agent or the instance of JobScheduler are remotely controlled by another JobScheduler.
  • Jobs are scheduled at the client according to events (e.g. heir planned starting times) or commands.
  • See also 

Remote Configuration Service (rcs)

  • A JobScheduler instance is installed and receives its configuration from a Supervisor JobScheduler.
  • The configuration of all the remotely configured JobSchedulers in a network is centrally administered by aSupervisor JobScheduler that distributes the configuration files to the remot Workload JobSchedulers.
  • If the Supervisor JobScheduler is temporarily not available, the Workload JobSchedulers will continue to use their local configuration files.
  • See also: How does a Supervisor JobScheduler deploy the central configuration directory?

SSH Execution

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