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  • The JobScheduler provides very limited support for Unicode.
  • The product suite is moving towards Unicode and therefore the components provide different levels of support.
  • The below information states the extent of Unicode support per component.

JobScheduler Engine

Job Objects

  • Internally the JobScheduler works with the ISO-8859-1 encoding (Latin1) on all platforms.
  • External files for job objects (jobs, job chains, orders, schedules etc.) can be submitted with
    • the ISO-8859-1 encoding

      Encoding sample
      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
      <job  title="JITL Job for JobScheduler Advanced Data Exchange" order="yes" stop_on_error="no">
    • the UTF-8 encoding if the characters used are in the range of Unicode 0-127

      Encoding sample
      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <job  title="JITL Job for JobScheduler Advanced Data Exchange" order="yes" stop_on_error="no">


    • provided that the characters used are in scope of the JobScheduler XSD schema that limits the allowed characters. The XSD schema is available with the file ./config/scheduler.xsd and restricts characters to the pattern: [\n\r\t&#x20;-&#x7e;&#xa0;-&#xff;]*

File Order Sources

  • For file name characters the same restrictions apply as for job objects.

stdout/stderr and Logging

  • Characters that are outside of the above indicated scope for job objects are arbitrarily converted to ISO-8859-1.

JOE - Job Editor

  • JOE creates job object files exclusively with ISO-8859-1 encoding.
  • JOE can read job object files with the UTF-8 encoding and ISO-8859-1 encoding within the limits for job objects as stated above. 
  • JOE relies on the fact that the file encoding corresponds to the XML header.

JID - JobScheduler Integrated Dashboard

  • JID makes use of the JobScheduler database, it does not use use the JobScheduler daemon as a source of information.
  • Technically JID is capable to process UTF-8 encodings, however, as the JobScheduler writes characters with UTF-8 encoding within the limits for job objects as stated above, therefore JID does not receive a more extended UTF-8 character set.

JOC - JobScheduler Operations Centre

  • JOC receives answers by the XML API from JobScheduler. Such answers are UTF-8 encoded within the limits for job objects as stated above .
  • Technically JOC should be capable to work with a complete UTF-8 encoding.

Relationship with Internationalization

  • Starting from future Unicode support then improved internationalization will be in scope.
  • As of now texts such as
    • error messages, warnings and info messages,
    • GUI texts,
    • log file entries,
    • help messages and tooltip texts
    • are available in English and German only.
  • A major topic on the JobScheduler road-map is the translation of all texts.


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