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  • Release Type: Maintenance Release
  • Date of shipment: 2018-08-13


  • No major features are introduced, this release includes exclusively bug-fixes and minor features that are designed to be free from side effects.
  • This release includes bug-fixes starting from Release 1.12.0
  • For additional information see our Release Policies


Key T Sub-Tasks Linked Issues Fix Version/s P Summary Status Resolution
YADE-523 Fix 1.12.5 Minor YADE Job - handling settings and profile parameters Released Fixed
YADE-521 Fix 1.12.5 Minor YADE should calculate a checksum of a file transfer when CheckIntegrityHash or CreateIntegrityHashFile is defined Released Fixed
YADE-520 Fix 1.12.5 Minor Checksum file can't created with a SMB file transfer Released Fixed
YADE-519 Fix 1.12.5 Minor Relative functionality of FileListSelection with Directory is brocken Released Fixed
YADE-518 Fix 1.12.5 Major ${scheduler_file_name} should be substituted when used for FILE_PATH Released Fixed
YADE-517 Feature 1.12.5 Minor Support for Samba versions SMB1 and SMB2 Released Fixed
YADE-516 Fix YADE-437 1.12.5 Minor The jump command delimiter should be configurable in YADE xml configuration file Released Fixed
YADE-515 Fix YADE-406 1.12.5 Minor YADE xml configuration of the jump pre/post commands has no effect Released Fixed
YADE-514 Fix 1.12.5 Minor Exception occurs in YADE Job, when transfer is started Released Fixed
YADE-513 Fix YADE-427 , YADE-428 1.12.5 Minor The parameter options param_name_for_path and create_orders_for_new_files should be available for the JADE4DMZ Job Released Fixed
YADE-512 Fix YADE-427 , YADE-428 1.12.5 Minor The parameter options param_name_for_path and create_orders_for_new_files should be configurable in YADE xml configuration file Released Fixed
YADE-511 Fix 1.12.5 Minor For operation copytointernet, the multiple regex capture groups for target_replacing and target_replacement result in an error Released Fixed
YADE-510 Fix YADE-471 1.12.5 Minor Possibly NPE while reading profile with CommandBeforeFile or CommandAfterFile setting Released Fixed
YADE-509 Fix 1.12.5 Minor NPE when Yade Job runs on Agent without a hibernate configuration Released Fixed
YADE-507 Feature 1.12.5 Minor YADE should transfer a given FILELIST_NAME to the jump host in case of "copyFromInternet" Released Fixed
SET-143 Fix SET-142 , JOE-281 1.12.5 Minor The portable JOE should contain the value for SCHEDULER_HOT_FOLDER in the file jobeditor_environment_variables.cmd-examples Released Fixed
SET-141 Fix 1.12.5 Minor JOC Cockpit batch installation breaks if joc_install.xml has comments Dismissed Won't Fix
SET-140 Fix 1.12.5 Minor JOC Cockpit setup shows wrong knowledge base URL Released Fixed
SET-139 Fix 1.12.5 Minor The installation of the JobScheduler Master should contain the current schema for the YADE xml editor Released Fixed
SET-138 Fix 1.12.5 Minor In case of database error, the script returns, return code 0 Released Fixed
SET-137 Feature 1.12.5 Minor Add patch directory to Agent classpath Released Fixed
SET-136 Fix 1.12.5 Minor When calling bin/ version|kill process are not closed Released Fixed
JS-1783 Fix 1.12.5 Major JobScheduler hangs with error SCHEDULER-188 Order.setback() and Order.state= cannot be combined Released Fixed
JS-1782 Fix JS-1464 1.12.5 Major No order will be executed before idle_timeout is reached when job chain has a process class Released Fixed
JS-1780 Fix 1.10.10, 1.12.5 Minor Error SOS-1270 should not log as error with PostgreSQL while a new order history id is created Released Fixed
JS-1776 Fix 1.10.10, 1.12.5 Minor The value of the java_class_path attribute should be prepended to the existing class_path Released Fixed
JS-1772 Fix JS-1476 , JS-864 , JS-1394 1.12.5 Minor JobScheduler should not crash if all nodes of a nested job chain are skipped Released Fixed
JOE-281 Feature SET-143 , SET-142 1.12.5 Minor JOE should consider customer specific default values Released Fixed
JOE-280 Fix 1.12.5 Minor JOE should provide class_path and java_options for java:javascript jobs Released Fixed
JOC-485 Fix 1.12.5 Minor Job Chain Details view should display longer process class names Released Fixed
JOC-484 Feature 1.12.5 Minor Modify display of error nodes with Job Chain Details view Released Fixed
JOC-483 Feature 1.12.5 Minor Sort History of split child orders with parent orders Released Fixed
JOC-482 Feature 1.12.5 Minor Task control should be available for the Job Chain Details view Dismissed Won't Fix
JOC-481 Fix 1.12.5 Minor Operation "Terminate with Timeout" should work from Job Chains List view and Details view Released Fixed
JOC-480 Fix 1.12.5 Minor Order should not disappear from Job Chain Details view after execution Released Fixed
JOC-479 Feature 1.12.5 Minor Enable Restart and Fail-over for JobScheduler Master Passive Cluster Released Fixed
JOC-478 Feature 1.12.5 Minor Enable download of JOC Cockpit Log Released Fixed
JOC-477 Feature JOC-523 , JOC-549 , JOC-413 1.12.5 Minor Add default profile to JOC Cockpit Released Fixed
JOC-476 Fix 1.12.5 Major Errors during display or download of logs should be visible Released Fixed
JOC-475 Feature 1.12.5 Minor Job Chain Details view should show file order source in a single line Released Fixed
JOC-474 Feature 1.12.5 Minor Add variations of themes with colored menu bar Released Fixed
JOC-473 Feature 1.12.5 Minor Allow custom logo on JOC Cockpit authentication page Released Fixed
JOC-472 Feature JOC-367 1.12.5 Minor Show subfolder when clicking a folder in the tree view Dismissed Duplicate
JOC-471 Feature JOC-462 1.12.5 Minor Allow default history view in Orders Overview and Job Chains View to be configurable with a user profile Released Fixed
JOC-470 Fix 1.12.5 Minor JOC does not refresh Orders View Released Fixed
JOC-469 Fix 1.12.5 Major history_with_log=yes will produce a null pointer exception when looking up the log in JOC Cockpit Released Fixed
JOC-468 Fix JOC-620 1.12.5 Minor Full text editing of the main section in Manage Account function Released Fixed
JOC-467 Feature 1.12.5 Minor response of the web service ./events/custom should contain event parameters Released Fixed
JOC-466 Fix 1.12.5 Minor REST Web Service ./events/custom/delete_events should not delete all events if the "ids" parameter is empty Released Fixed
JOC-465 Feature JOC-438 1.12.5 Major Toggle display of log source and of debug output in log view window Released Fixed
JOC-464 Fix 1.12.5 Major ./events/custom/delete_events and ./events/custom/add_event should write into audit log Released Fixed
JOC-463 Feature 1.12.5 Minor Add user profile setting for download as preferred log view option Released Fixed
JOC-462 Feature JOC-471 1.12.5 Major Task History is available in Orders Overview, Job Chains and Orders View Released Fixed
JOC-461 Fix JOC-440 1.12.5 Major Improve Performance of "running" Order and Task Log Downloads Released Fixed
JOC-460 Fix 1.12.5 Minor Adding event should not add an expires date if not specified Released Fixed
JOC-456 Fix 1.12.5 Minor Reloading logs should overwrite existing content Released Fixed
JOC-455 Fix 1.12.5 Minor On Job Chains detail view, add order dialog should be on the top Released Fixed
JOC-450 Feature 1.12.5 Minor JOC Cockpit should stop rendering on user actions for change/switch view Released Fixed
JOC-367 Feature JOC-472 1.12.5 Minor JOC Cockpit shows sub-folders when hitting the name of a folder in the tree Released Fixed
JITL-479 Fix 1.12.5 Minor Monitoring Interface should report Agents from process classes that are assigned at job chain level Released Fixed
JITL-478 Fix 1.12.5 Minor JITL Join Job writes 3 times the current node name into the log Released Fixed
JITL-477 Fix 1.12.5 Minor InventoryPlugin should operate correctly if the http_port in scheduler.xml has binding to a specific host Released Fixed
JITL-475 Fix JITL-464 1.12.5 Major Additional parameters in an order for the event service job chain should be stored in the database Released Fixed
JITL-474 Fix 1.12.5 Blocker FactModel Plugin should store the complete job execution history Released Fixed
JITL-469 Feature 1.12.5 Major Handling of E-Mails Released Fixed


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