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  • Release Type: Maintenance Release
  • Date of shipment: 2018-05-18


  • No major features are introduced, this release includes exclusively bug-fixes and minor features that are designed to be free from side effects.
  • This release includes bug-fixes starting from Release 1.12.0
  • For additional information see our Release Policies


Key T Sub-Tasks Linked Issues Fix Version/s P Summary Status Resolution
YADE-505 Feature YADE-447 1.12.3 Minor YADE should log the names of files involved in a transfer Released Fixed
YADE-504 Fix YADE-464 1.12.3 Minor Key file Authentication for the Credential Store does not work with KeePass1 databases Dismissed Won't Fix
YADE-503 Fix YADE-502 1.12.3 Minor JobScheduler 1.12 - Jade4DMZJob should use xml configuration file Released Fixed
YADE-501 Fix 1.12.3 Minor YADE Job stalls on SQL error Dismissed Works as designed
YADE-500 Fix 1.12.3 Minor YADE History throws an SQL error with large files Released Fixed
SET-134 Fix 1.12.3 Minor JOC installer should provide shiro.ini-example Released Fixed
SET-133 Fix 1.12.3 Minor It should be possible to enable the request log Released Fixed
SET-132 Fix 1.12.3 Major The primary key of the table INVENTORY_CALENDAR_USAGE for MS SQL Server should be specified as IDENTITY for auto incremental support Released Fixed
SET-131 Fix 1.12.3 Major JobSchedulerSubmitEventJob with PostGreSQL misses a sequence Released Fixed
SET-130 Fix 1.12.3, 2.0 Minor JobScheduler Agent should print the message when calling script only in debug mode Released Fixed
JS-1773 Fix 1.12.3 Blocker JobScheduler engine requires wrong version GLIBC_2.14 Released Fixed
JS-1771 Feature JOC-421 1.12.3 Minor Master should substitute task/order parameters for a jobs credentials key Released Fixed
JS-1770 Fix 1.12.3 Minor JobScheduler and Agent Web Services for Unix operational with Java 9 and 10 Released Fixed
JOE-275 Fix 1.12.3 Minor replace usage of BASE64Encoder/Decoder with usage of Base64Encoder Released Fixed
JOC-427 Fix 1.12.3 Major Current event API request is not always closed when switching the JobScheduler Released Fixed
JOC-426 Fix 1.12.3 Minor Delete Events have a delay in the JOC Gui Released Fixed
JOC-425 Fix 1.12.3 Major When deleting a custom event the wrong JobScheduler instance can be addressed Released Fixed
JOC-424 Fix 1.12.3 Major JOC doesn't update views correctly after switching the JobScheduler Released Fixed
JOC-423 Fix 1.11.7, 1.12.3 Major JOC sometimes does not refresh view Dismissed Duplicate
JOC-421 Feature JS-1771 1.12.3 Minor JOC Cockpit REST API provides an environment variable that indicates the user who starts a job or job chain Released Fixed
JOC-420 Fix 1.12.3 Minor The permission sos:products:joc_cockpit:yade:view:transfers should be removed Released Fixed
JOC-419 Fix 1.12.3 Minor Incorrect XML Parent of YADE and Calendar Permissions Released Fixed
JOC-418 Fix 1.12.3 Minor JOC Cockpit GUI can freeze when a user with restricted permissions accesses Resources Released Fixed
JOC-416 Fix 1.12.3 Minor JOC API ./jobscheduler/commands does not refresh session timeout Released Fixed
JOC-414 Fix 1.11.7, 1.12.3 Minor JOC Cockpit should update the list of JobScheduler Instances Dismissed Won't Fix
JOC-412 Feature 1.12.3 Minor JOC Advanced search To/From dates should have today's date Released Fixed
JOC-411 Feature 1.12.3 Minor Events in Cluster Operation are not forwarded after a Bad Gateway error from a load balancer Released Fixed
JOC-410 Fix 1.12.3 Major The "Edit Calendar" dialog remains open if an error occurs during the submit Released Fixed
JITL-463 Fix 1.11.7, 1.12.3 Minor The JITL Job JobSchedulerSubmitEventJob should consider the parameters for job and job_chain when adding events Released Fixed
JITL-462 Fix 1.12.3 Major It should be possible that JITL Job JobSchedulerExistsEventJob ignores the JobScheduler ID Released Fixed
JITL-461 Fix 1.12.3 Blocker The JITL Job JobSchedulerExistsEventJob uses the wrong database and wrong table for check Released Fixed
JITL-460 Fix 1.12.3 Minor Inventory throws NPE in case of empty process class in Job configuration Released Fixed
JITL-459 Fix 1.9.14, 1.10.9, 1.11.7, 1.12.3 Minor Event handler executes job chain specific event handler when the event handler file starts with x_<name of job chain> Released Fixed
JITL-458 Fix 1.9.14, 1.10.10, 1.11.7, 1.12.3 Minor The event handler jitl jobs does not consider special event handlers when running periodically Released Fixed


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