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titleJobScheduler Universal Agent Log
2015-04-28 16:11:24.462 +0200 [DEBUG] - New connection accepted
2015-04-28 16:13:39.231 +0200 [DEBUG] spray.can.server.HttpServerConnection - TcpConnection terminated, stopping

Remote File Watching

To configure remote file watching, see JobScheduler Universal Agent - Remote File Watching


Behavior in the event of the Universal Agent crashing

It is important that all the tasks running on a Universal Agent are killed if the Agent should crash or otherwise terminate abnormally while executing tasks. To this end, every task that is being executed by a Universal Agent is noted by a agent watchdog process in a script. This script is located in the Agent's tmp folder and tasks are dynamically added to and deleted from the script as they are started and completed. This script is dynamically created when a first task is started by the agent and deleted when no tasks are running.

If a Universal Agent crashes the Agent Watchdog will start this script which will then cause all tasks that were running when the Agent crashed to be killed.

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