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  • Define job depency pattern
  • Synchronized chains

Synchronized Job Chains Pattern



digraph { 
  "Chain A" [shape="box",label="Chain A\nwednesday\n19:30"] 
  "Chain B" [shape="box",label="Chain B\nWorkDays\n18:00"] 
  "Chain C" [shape="box",label="Chain C\nWorkDays\n18:30"] 
  "Chain D" [shape="box",label="Chain D\nWorkDays\n18:00"] 
  "Chain E" [shape="box",label="Chain E\nWorkDays\n18:00"] 
  "Chain F" [shape="box",label="Chain F\nWorkDays\n18:00"] 
  "Chain G" [shape="box",label="Chain G\nWorkDays\n18:00"] 
  "Chain H" [shape="box",label="Chain H\nWorkDays+Sat\n19:00"] 
  "Chain I" [shape="box",label="Chain I\nWorkDays+Sat\n14:00"]
  "Chain J" [shape="box",label="Chain J\nOn Request\n19:00"]
  "Chain K" [shape="box",label="Chain K\n5JAN-5APR-5JUL-5OCT\nif these days are\nholidays then first\nwork day after\n10:30"]
  "Chain L" [shape="box",label="Chain L\nFirst Day of Month\n22:00"]
  "Chain M" [shape="box",label="Chain M\nOn Request\n19:00"]
  "Chain N" [shape="box",label="Chain N\nWorkDays\n18:30"]
  "Chain O" [shape="box",label="Chain O\nTuesday\n19:00"]
  "Chain P" [shape="box",label="Chain P\nWorkDays+Sat\n14:00"]
  "Chain Q" [shape="box",label="Chain Q\nWorkDays\n18:00"]
  "Chain R" [shape="box",label="Chain R\nSaturday\n14:00"]
  "Chain S" [shape="box",label="Chain S\nWorkDays+Sat\n14:00"]
  "Chain T" [shape="box",label="Chain T\nWorkDays+Sat\n14:00"]
  "Chain U" [shape="box",label="Chain U\nWorkDays+Sat\n14:00"]
  "Chain V" [shape="box",label="Chain V\nWorkDays+Sat\n14:00"]
  "Chain W" [shape="box",label="Chain W\nWorkDays+Sat\n14:00"]
  "Chain X" [shape="box",label="Chain X\nWorkDays+Sat\n14:00"]

  "Chain A" -> "Chain C"
  "Chain C" -> "Chain H"
  "Chain C" -> "Chain I" 
  "Chain H" -> "Chain J"
  "Chain H" -> "Chain K"
  "Chain H" -> "Chain L"
  "Chain H" -> "Chain M"
  "Chain H" -> "Chain N"
  "Chain H" -> "Chain O"

  "Chain I" -> "Chain O"
  "Chain I" -> "Chain P"
  "Chain O" -> "Chain P"
  "Chain H" -> "Chain P"
  "Chain M" -> "Chain P"
  "Chain N" -> "Chain P"

  "Chain H" -> "Chain S"
  "Chain P" -> "Chain S"
  "Chain P" -> "Chain W"

  "Chain B" -> "Chain D"
  "Chain B" -> "Chain E"
  "Chain B" -> "Chain F"
  "Chain B" -> "Chain G"
  "Chain D" -> "Chain I"
  "Chain E" -> "Chain I"
  "Chain F" -> "Chain I"
  "Chain G" -> "Chain I"

  "Chain Q" -> "Chain U"
  "Chain R" -> "Chain U"
  "Chain U" -> "Chain V"
  "Chain U" -> "Chain X"
  "Chain X" -> "Chain W"
  "Chain V" -> "Chain W"
  "Chain T" -> "Chain V"