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  • choose the action menu of the failed order and select the Resume operation.
  • the following popup windows is brought forward:

Resuming an Order and modifying Workflow Variables

The above example shows a number of workflow variables that can be modified:

  • variables are displayed with values that are historically specific before starting the failed job.
  • variables can be selected from a checkbox:
    • If a variable is selected then its current value will be used when resuming from the selected position in the workflow.
      • Consider that this will overwrite the historic value of the variable for the targeted workflow position.
      • Users are free to modify the values of variables.
    • If a variable is not selected then it will use the historic value associated with the position in the workflow from which the order will be continued.

Resuming an Order and specifying the Cycle End Time

Users can modify the cycle end time:

  • A period shorter than configured with the Cycle Instruction can be specified.
    • Periods are specified by relative dates, for example 1h (1 hour), 10m (10 minutes), 01:30:00 (1 hour, 30 minutes).
    • Specifying a value 0 for the period will cause the order to continue from the resumed position in the workflow, to execute subsequent jobs and to leave the cycle next time it meets the Cycle Instruction.
  • A period that is specified longer than configured with the Cycle Instruction will be ignored

Resuming an Order from a specific Job or Instruction

Users can use the mouse to drag & drop the failed order - indicated by the red bullet - to an earlier or later position in the cycle.