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titleCertificate Management Script:
Usage: [Options] [Switches]

    --keystore=<file>                     | required: path to keystore file in PKCS12 format
    --truststore==<file>                   | optional: path to truststore file in PKCS12 format
    --key=<private-key-file>              | required: path to private key file in .pem format
    --cert=<cert-file>                    | required: path to certificate file in .pem format
    --alias=<alias-name>                  | required: alias name for keystore entry
    --password=<password>                 | required: password for certificate store
    --ca-cert=<ca-cert-bundle-file>       | optional: path to CA Certificate Bundle file in .pem format
    --ca-root=<ca-root-file>              | optional: path to Root CA Certificate file in .pem format
    --ca-intermediate=<ca-file[,ca-file]> | optional: paths to Intermediate CA Certificate files in .pem format
    --backup-dir=<directory>              | optional: backup directory for existing certificate stores
    --log-dir=<directory>                 | optional: log directory for log output of this script
    -h | --help                           | displays usage
    --chain                               | add certificate chain to keystore
    --show-logs                           | shows log output of the script
    --make-dirs                           | creates the specified directories if they do not exist