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JobA1 [label="Job A1",fillcolor="lightskyblue"]
JobA2 [label="Job A2",fillcolor="lightskyblue"]
JobA3 [label="Job A3",fillcolor="lightskyblue"]
JobB1 [label="Job B1",fillcolor="orange"]
JobB2 [label="Job B2",fillcolor="orange"]
JobB3 [label="Job B3",fillcolor="orange"]
JobC1 [label="Job C1",fillcolor="lavender"]
JobC2 [label="Job C2",fillcolor="lavender"]
JobC3 [label="Job C3",fillcolor="lavender"]
JobA1 -> JobB1 [label=" start job chain B "]
JobA1 -> JobA2 [label=" skip job chain B "]

JobB1 -> JobB2 -> JobB3
JobB3 -> JobA2 [label=" continue job chain A "] 

JobA2 -> JobC1 [label=" start job chain C "]
JobA2 -> JobA3 [label=" skip job chain C "]
JobC1 -> JobC2 -> JobC3
JobC3 -> JobA3 [label=" continue job chain A "] 

Parallel Processing Job Chain Pattern

'Split & Sync


' or 'Split & Join'

  • Two Job Chains B and C are executed in parallel and are controlled by the initiating Job Chain A.
  • The initiating Job Chain A splits execution into two Job Chains B and C.
  • The execution of Job Chain B and C is synchronized and Job Chain A is continued.