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  • Open the JobScheduler Operating Center, JOC, in your browser using http://scheduler_host:scheduler_port
  • Open the JOB CHAINS tab and enable "Show orders".view.
  • Navigate to the folder node_parameters_from_order 
  • Click Expand Details
  • Start the order1 using the Order Menu / Start order now as shown in the screenshot:Image Removed
  • Opening the log file for the order (clicking on the order ID in the Order History pane - in the bottom right of the above screenshot) will order will show that at step 100 the job1 shell script will give out the value for the orderNodeParam defined in the order:

    Code Block
    [stdout] job1: Value of orderNodeParam = 100
  • At step 200 the shell script will give out the value for the orderNodeParam defined in the order (200) together with the values set for the orderParam and jobParam:

    Code Block
    [stdout] job1: Value of orderNodeParam = 200 Parameter-value-from-job - Parameter-value-from-order

Use with API Jobs

At the time of writing (current releases are In releases 1.8.4, 1.9.8 and 1.10.2 ) the above example works with shell jobs and not with API jobs - which includes many of the JITL jobs.

An issue has been raised - for more information see

serverSOS JIRA

Workaround for API & JITL Jobs in release 1.8.4, 1.9.8, 1.10.2

To activate the order node function please add the configuration monitor to the pre-processing element of the job at the job node.



  • job chain samples/configuration/chain_a.
  • Start the order by choosing "Start order now" from the Order menu.
  • Watch the log grow in the other windowlog 

The order will run through both steps of the job chain. In each step the order parameters will be logged by the job. The parameters param1 - param4 should be shown in the log with the following values: