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The use of Java Options depends on the Java release in use.


For further information refer to the JS7 - How To - Apply Java Options article,

Heap Size

Heap size depends on memory consumption of each JS7 component which is related to:


  • The Agent can be operated initially with 100 MB heap size i.e. -Xms100m.
  • By default no maximum heap size is assigned - that is, the Agent will be assigned the heap size calculated by Java when starting the Java Virtual Machine.
  • Heap size can grow up to the specified maximum -Xmx1g based on performance indicators such as:
    • the number of workflows deployed to the Agent,
    • the number of parallel tasks executed with the Agent,
    • the max. failure time for which the Agent is not connected to a Controller.
  • The above values should work for approx. 10 000 workflows with a max. failure time of 24 hours.


JS7 components make use of multithreading which is dynamically assigned according to the available CPU cores.


  • If a StackOverflowError exception is raised then the stack in use is larger than the thread stack size and suggests that the thread stack size should be increased.
  • if an OutOfMemoryError exception is raised then the stack is larger then the available memory and suggests that the thread stack size should be decreased.

Garbage Collector

The Java Garbage Collector has to be operated in a performant and efficient way as otherwise memory will remain blocked by unused objects.


  • It is recommended that the G1 Garbage Collector is activated.
  • This applies to Java releases 1.8 to 11. For Java 17 the default Garbage Collector is G1.
  • This option is applicable for JOC Cockpit, Controller and Agents.

String Deduplication

Strings held in memory can be managed more efficiently by the JVM if a string is available just once and is referenced from a number of occurrences.


  • String deduplication reduces memory consumption.
  • This option is applicable for JOC Cockpit, Controller and Agents.

Entropy Pool Settings

The entropy pool is used to retrieve random numbers which are required to secure connections to the JS7 - Database and to a JS7 - Credential Store.


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