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  • A 1:1 mapping applies between a JS7 job & schedule objects and the SAP job & schedule objects.
    • SAP jobs are created on-the-fly by the JS7 JITL job at the point in time of job execution. Accordingly an SAP schedule is created for job parameterization and for immediate one-time execution.
    • SAP jobs and schedules are removed after execution of the JS7 job.
  • SAPS4HANAScheduleJob
    • Already configured SAP jobs with deactivated schedules are used as template. The schedules of the SAP jobs contains the job parameterization
    • SAP schedules are created on-the-fly by the JS7 JITL job at the point in time of job execution as copy of template schedules.
    • SAP schedules are removed after execution of the JS7 job.

Job Management

  • Users can create any number of JS7 jobs and schedules based on the JITL SAPS4HANAJob or SAPS4HANAScheduleJob template.
  • Such JS7 jobs can be used in the same workflow and in different workflows.
  • A JS7 workflow can include a single job or any number of jobs and additional JS7 - Workflow Instructions.


  • Network
    • JS7 jobs are executed with Agents. For use with SAP jobs the Agent requires an HTTP network connection to SAP S/4 HANA.
    • Network connections can be secured by HTTPS.


      SAP certificates have to made available to the Agent's truststore.

      Applicability of Mutual Authentication certificates has to be clarified.

  • Starting Jobs
  • Stopping Jobs
    • JS7 orders can be suspended and cancelled, optionally killing the running process of a job, e.g. by user intervention. For the JS7 JITL SAPS4HANAJob template and SAPS4HANAScheduleJob template when cancelling no kill option applies as SAP jobs cannot be killed.
  • Parallelism
    • Any number of JS7 jobs based on the JITL SAPS4HANAJob and SAPS4HANAScheduleJob template can be executed at the same time.
    • Parallelism of JS7 jobs based on the JITL SAPS4HANAJob SAPS4HANAJob and SAPS4HANAScheduleJob template includes to run a number of job instances with the same Agent or with different Agents.
  • Mutual Exclusion
    • JS7 offers JS7 - Resource Locks to limit parallel execution of specific jobs. This applies accordingly to jobs based on the JITL SAPS4HANAJob template and SAPS4HANAScheduleJob template.

Job Processing

General Processing