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titleList of Notification Variables
NameDescription  Possible values
MON_N_IDThe unique identifier of the monitoring entry.
MON_N_TYPEThe message type corresponds to the specified type with the Notification element.SUCCESS, WARNINGERROR, RECOVERED
MON_N_STATUSA numeric status identifier that can be used for integration with a System Monitor.0-OK, 1-WARNING, 2-CRITICAL, 3- UNKNOWN
MON_N_RANGEAn indicator for the monitor scope.WORKFLOW, WORKFLOW_JOB

The name notification_id of the Notification element in use.

If the name attribute is not set, the system will give automatically a number to the Notification in the Notifications list. The numbering is chronological.

MON_N_RECOVERED_IDThe identifier of a monitoring entry that previously reported an error and that is considered recovered by the current monitoring entry.
MON_N_CREATEDThe timestamp that the monitoring entry has been added.