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Error StateDescription
PendingnoOrders are added to workflows without specifying a start time, they can later on be picked up and assigned a start time.
SchedulednoOrders are added to workflows and are scheduled for execution with at a later date and time.
In ProgressnoOrders are processed by a workflow instruction such as Fork but by JS7 - Workflow Instructions but are not running with a job.
RunningnoOrders for which a job was started, such orders are waiting for the job to complete.
SuspendednoOrders that have been halted on user intervention.
PromptingnoOrders are put on hold by the workflow and require confirmation to continue execution of the workflow.
CompletednoOrders that finished a workflow but are not automatically removed.
WaitingnoOrders that wait for a resource such as an Agent or a lock JS7 - Resource Locks.
BlockedyesOrders that cannot start, e.g. due to a failed initial workflow instruction.
FailedyesOrders for which a job failed or that have been halted with the Fail workflow instructionthe JS7 - Fail Instruction.

Find details and a state transition diagram from JS7 - Order State Transitions


When performing operations on Cyclic Orders then all Orders in the cycle are subject to the same operation, i.e. to cancel/suspend the Order or to Modify modify Order Variables.

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