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  • The Plan Order automatically checkbox specifies that the schedule will be applied when running the Daily Plan Service. Orders created by this service are added with a PLANNED state.
  • The Submit Order to Controller when planned checkbox specifies that any PLANNED orders - from the current Daily Plan run or from previous runs - will be submitted to a Controller and will result in a PENDING order state. Submission of an order to a Controller means that the order will be submitted to any Controllers and Agents which the workflow has been deployed to.


  • The Daily Plan can be created for any released schedules and it can be limited to a selection of schedules.
  • If a Daily Plan has already been created for the same date then existing orders can be considered or can be overwritten.
  • Creating a Daily Plan includes two steps:
    • Plan Orders
      • The planning step includes creating orders from schedules and making them available with the PLANNED state. Such orders are visible with the Daily Plan view for a given date.
    • Submit Orders
      • The submission step includes forwarding orders to any Controllers and Agents which the underlying workflow has been deployed to.
  • Users can decide if they want orders to be submitted to a Controller immediately. If orders are not be submitted immediately then this can be done later on from the Daily Plan view. Note that the Daily Plan Service will automatically submit planned orders for a number of days ahead within the scope of its configuration.


  • The operations to submit and to remove orders from the Daily Plan can be performed for orders in a PLANNED state. 
    • Removal from the Daily Plan includes that such orders do not exist any longer. The Daily Plan Service takes account of the removal of orders and will not re-create removed orders.
  • The operation to cancel orders can be performed for any order state except for the PLANNED and FINISHED statesorders in the SUBMITTED state.

Operations to Suspend and to Resume Orders

  • The runRun-time operations are not performed in the Daily Plan view, but in the Orders Overview available from the JS7 - Dashboard. Such operations include:
    • to suspend orders can be performed for the order states INPROGRESS, RUNNING and WAITING.
    • to resume orders can be performed for orders with in a SUSPENDED state.

Operations to Modify Order Start Times and Order Parameterization

Both operations to modify order start times and to modify the order parameterizations parameterization include dropping existing orders and re-creating them with a new Order ID. The operations are available from an order's action menu and from bulk operations offered when selecting a number of orders.


Modify Parameterization

This operation allows to modify an order's parameterization including its start position and end positions in a workflow and any variables assigned.

Invoke Users can invoke the operation from an order's action menu like this: