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Orders are created from Schedules which indicate the Workflow and variables to be used as well as the run-time specification - i.e. the rules defining the days and start times which Orders should be created for.


  • The "Plan Order automatically" checkbox specifies whether a Schedule will be applied when running the Daily Plan. Orders created by this step are added with a PLANNED state.
  • The "Submit Order to Controller when planned" checkbox specifies whether any PLANNED Orders - from the current Daily Plan run or from previous runs - will be submitted to a Controller and will result in a PENDING Order state. Submission of an Order to a Controller involves the Order being submitted to any Controllers which the respective Workflow has been deployed to.


SectionSettingDefault ValueRequiredPurpose
daily_plantime_zoneUTCnoSpecifies the time zone that is applied to the start time of the Daily Plan Service and period of the Daily Plan.

period_begin00:00noSpecifies the begin of the 24 hours Daily Plan period with the indicated time zone.

start_time30 minutes before period_beginnoSpecifies the start time for running the Daily Plan on a daily basis with the indicated time zone. Without this setting the Daily Plan will run 30 minutes before the point in time specified by the period_begin setting. This setting accepts a time value, e.g. 23:00:00.

days_ahead_plan7noSpecifies the number of days ahead which orders are generated for and are made available with the PLANNED state. A 0 value indicates that no orders should be generated and disables the functionality.

days_ahead_submit3noSpecifies the number of days ahead for which PLANNED orders are submitted to Controllers and are made available with the PENDING state. A 0 value indicates that no orders should be submitted and disables the functionality.

projectionprojections_monthsmonth_ahead6noSpecifies the number of months ahead for which JS7 - Daily Plan Projections are calculated that indicate future order execution.