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  • CheckHistory: reads JobScheduler database tables where the logging is placed, analyses them and writes results into another tables, the Notification tables.
  • CleanupNotifications: deletes entries in the Notification tables. Currently this takes place once every day.
  • ResetNotifications: sets Status for Notifications in the Notification tables (e.g. Acknowledge)
  • SystemNotifier: responsible for notifiying the system Monitor about the current notifications. Moreover, this JobChain is responsible for updating the Notification tables after having notified the System Monitor.

System Monitor

  1. The monitoring tool System Monitor receives just passive checks, that means, there are no active checks for monitoring JobScheduler. The only configuration here is the capability to receive passive checks from a remote host.
  2. The services in the System Monitor have to be in concordance with the JobScheduler configuration. Passive checks (services) have to be configured and named following the convention used in the XML described above for the JobScheduler (CheckHistoryConfiguration.xml and SystemMonitorNotification_op5.xml).

Use Cases

Recoverable Errors