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  • YADE is a fully redesigned and more feature complete managed file transfer tool than SOSFTP.
  • YADE is built upon experience gained from SOSFTP and includes a number of major improvements. YADE is backward compatible to SOSFTP.
  • YADE's application architecture is more open to integrating new data sources and protocols than that of SOSFTP.
  • YADE also uses better and newer java libraries for file transfer such as JSch by JCraft.
  • YADE represents a paradigm shift from SOSFTP: whereas SOSFTP can only send and receive files from a host where SOSFTP is installed, YADE can transfer files from server-to-server without touchdown.
    • Operation of YADE is basicallly made up from copy and move steps.
      • For example, if a user wants to send files from a host where JADE YADE is installed to a remote host via FTP, YADE's "source" will be localhost and its "target" will be the FTP server.
      • If a user wants to receive files from a remote FTP server, the "source" will be the FTP server and the "target" localhost.


The SOS GmbH stopped development of SOSFTP in May 2012 to concentrate ongoing efforts on JADEYADE. Version support for SOSFTP has been continued up to version 1.7.4189 (July 2014), which was the last planned general release of SOSFTP. Further version support will only be available to users that have purchased support for SOSFTP and only up to July 2016.