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Part of JobScheduler implementation project, one of our customer have 50+ of trading partners, customers and vendors. Each one of them exchange 100s files of file exchanges about 100 files between them. To automate all file exchange to/from we had employed have applied a solution using Jobscheduler JobScheduler + JADE YADE on Linux server i.e. JADE-HUB. .

The local file system where JADE YADE is running had has folders and sub folders per department, per user/project/vendor etc. JADE was configure YADE is configured to transfer files matching with regular expression expressions, size etc. from/to those folders. JobScheduler had holds the time and event scheduling information. Thus i.e. if a vendor place places a new report i., e.g. daily_new_customer_20140207.xls, on there their FTP/sFTP server daily at morning 06:00 hours, JADE-HUB was , then the YADE is configured to start polling the target server starting from 06:00 hours until for the next 2 hours with a frequency of 5 minutes , until the file is successfully downloaded or the file is not found. Fair weather condition JADE as As soon as JADE-HUB YADE finds file(s), JADE YADE will download it into per-reconfigured folder i.them into the folders, e.g. /data/inbound/marketing/CustRes/daily_report/, the file system folder /data/ on JADE-HUB is  is exported as a shared drive over SamabaSamba. The interested users had have mounted the shared drive to there workstationshare to their workstations. The user management, i.e. access to particulate folder was particular folders, is controlled using Active directoryDirectory.