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We recommend that the XML Editor is used generate monitoring configuration objects. This editor automatically uses an XSD Schema to generate configuration suggestions and validate configurations, and its use is intended to provide a significant reduction in the time required to develop and test a configuration.

XSD Schema locations




SystemMonitorNotification files

Location: <scheduler_install>data>/config/notification


The XML Schema file defines which values are allowed in your XML files for the JobScheduler monitoring.

That means that to configure the JobScheduler objects you want to monitor and the System Monitor you just have to modify your SystemMonitorNotification_<MonitorSystem>.xml files but not the XML schema file.


 Configuration file for each System Monitor.

  • Specifies the delivery way to System Monitor.
  • Specifies notification for error or success conditions
  • Specifies notification to measure performance of JobScheduler objects


Configuration file for all System Monitors.

  • Specifies notification to measure performance of JobScheduler objects

This file is optional and contains the definitions of the SystemMonitorNotification / Timer elements.