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titleSystem Monitor: Opsview

In case you are using Opsview as the monitoring tool, the plugin used in NotificationInterface will not work, since Opsview supports 20 types of encryption, which are not supported by this plugin. You could only use it in case you use no encryption (type: NONE) and that will work.

Instead, you should use the XML element NotificationCommand and indicate there the exact command to send passive checks to your Opsview from a remote machine (see example for op5 or example for zabbix).


SystemMonitorNotification / Notification / NotificationMonitor / NotificationCommand


  • Sends notifications to a specific System Monitor.
  • Order MonitorSystem
    • JobScheduler version 1.9.x, 1.10.x
      • configures a repeat interval for the order run time that is not less than the interval that has been chosen for triggering the job chain sos/notification/CheckHistory

sos / notification / CleanupNotifications