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JITL: The SOS Hibernate Managed Database Job

This job is introduced with Release 1.12 and replaces the deprecated JobSchedulerManagedDatabaseJob job. 

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This job is used to execute (SQL-)statements in a database and can be used standalone or triggered by orders - i.e. as an order job.
It can execute database procedures or SQL statements.

This job uses the SOSHibernate connection class (com.sos.jitl.managed.job.ManagedDatabaseJobJSAdapterClass) whereas the Managed Database Job used the deprecated SOSConnection classes.

(A general overview of all JITL jobs can be found Library of Standard Jobs - JITL).

The description JobSchedulerManagedDatabaseJobdocumentation of the JobSchedulerManagedDatabaseJobSOSHibernate.xml is stored job can be found:

  • in the


  • $SCHEDULER_DATA/jobs directory of


The JobSchedulerManagedDatabaseJobSOSHibernate.xml job uses different parameters to the JobSchedulerManagedDatabaseJob.xml job.


The SQL instructions are written in the command parameter.
It is possible to define more than one instruction in the command parameter.
Such instructions are then carried out in the order in which they are written and must be separated by a semicolon and a subsequent new line.