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  • Up to and including Release 1.12.7, there must be a sub-folder in the live/sos folder called rest, containing a Job createApiAccessToken.job.xml and a Job Chain createApiAccessToken.job_chain.xml. These objects provided by default with a new installation or update of the JOC cockpitCockpit. They are not required for Releases 1.12.8 and newer.
    (For details see
    serverSOS JIRA
  • A user that has been granted at least the sos:products:joc_cockpit:history:view permission has to be specified in the private.conf file. Note that the api_user role defined in the shiro.ini-example file has these permissions by default. More information about the private.conf file can be found below.


Code Block
function spooler_process()  {
    // using the current job name
    var jobHistoryInfo = getJobHistoryInfoObject("job1");
    return false;
 function getJobHistoryInfoObject(jobname, timelimit) {
    var jobHistory = new spooler.delegate );

    if ((jobname === undefined) || (jobname === "")) {
      jobname =;
    if (timelimit === undefined) {
       timelimit = "";

    var jobHistoryInfo = jobHistory.getJobInfo( jobname, timelimit );
    return jobHistoryInfo;

Note that in the above example the job1 Parameter in the spooler_process function has to include the full path within the JobScheduler live folder.

Object Methods

The object provides the following methods: