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Table of Contents


Use Case

  • Run a specific job within a job chain in a number of parallel instances, i.e. split a job for parallel processing. Each instance is executed on a different Agent.
    • The use case is intended for execution of the same job within a job chain in parallel instances, not for parallel execution of different jobs.
    • We assume am application for end of day processing that creates balance statements for a larger number of accounts. The application is installed on a number of servers each equipped with an Agent. The processing is split in a way that each instance of the application processes a chunk of accounts. The chunk size is calculated from the available Agents, not just from configured Agents.
    • the  sync article however,
  • Join up jobs after parallel processing.

Solution Outline

  • The number of parallel job instances is dynamically determined from the number of Agents that are available to run the application.
  • A number of orders is created for a specific job that would be executed in parallel on different Agents. The number of orders corresponds to the number of Agents and each order is parametrized to process a chunk of accounts.
  • Finally the parallel job instances are joined up for further processing.



  • Download
  • Extract the archive to a folder ./config/live of your JobScheduler installation.
  • The archive will extract the files to a folder parallel_job_instances_with_agents. 
  • You can store the sample files to a any folder as you like, the solution does not make use of specific folder names or job names.