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  • On Windows systems:
    • The setup will ask for Elevated Permissions
  • On Unix systems:
    • Root permissions are required when the JOC Cockpit is to be installed together with Jetty if the Jetty server is to run as a demon (i.e. the Jetty Server and JOC Cockpit are to be automatically started after a reboot of the machine).
      • To install the JOC Cockpit without root permissions, the start script should be called with a -u argument, otherwise the sudo prompt will ask for a password.   


  • Step 10 - Processing the Installation

    • This step shows the progress of the first part of the installation procedure.

    • Changes to the installation configuration can no longer be made once this step has started.
      Instead configuration files such as those in the jetty_base/resources/joc folder can modified manually and then the JOC Cockpit restarted.

  • Step 11 - External Processes

    • This step shows the progress of the second part of the installation procedure.

    • The information shown in this step will be written to the installation log file, which can be found in the jetty_base/logs folder

  • Step 12 - Completion

    • The last step of the installation shows a summary of the installation (success/error) and paths to relevant information.

    • Note that if a problem occurs during installation a warning message will be shown here and a link to the installation log file will be provided.

  • Operation

    • Go to the Initial Operation section of this article for information about opening the JOC Cockpit Interface.