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  • Step 10 - Processing the Installation

    • This step shows the progress of the first part of the installation procedure.

    • Changes to the installation configuration can no longer be made once this step has started.
      Instead configuration files such as those in the jetty_base/resources/joc folder can modified manually and then the JOC Cockpit restarted.

  • Step 11 - External Processes

    • This step shows the progress of the second part of the installation procedure.

    • The information shown in this step will be written to the installation log file, which can be found in the jetty_base/logs folder

  • Step 12 - Completion

    • The last step of the installation shows a summary of the installation (success/error) and paths to relevant information.

    • Note that if a problem occurs during installation a warning message will be shown here and a link to the installation log file will be provided.

  • Operation

    • Go to the Initial Operation section of this article for information about opening the JOC Cockpit Interface.


  • Call the JOC Cockpit login form in a web browser and enter the User Name and Password.

    After a first installation of the JOC Cockpit the default User Name and Password of root:root and Shiro Authentication will be active, if changes have not been made to the shiro.ini configuration file. Note that in the default configuration the root user is assigned the all role, which has all permissions available.

    See the Authentication and Authorization - Configuration article for information about the configuration of other user profiles and authentication methods.

  • Note that on some systems the web service may take a minute to start and display the login form shown below.