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  • Interactive Shell
    • Problem
      • The Windows shell can only be used as an interactive shell and does not support command or script execution.
      • The reason for this behavior is the fact that CopSSH does not support the non-interactive shell
      • For details see
    • Solution
      • Using the "Bash and sFTP shell" with Copssh will work for Windows systems when using the cygwin supported Linux commands.
    • Examples for Limitations
      • Limitation: the Windows command set will not be recognized. 
        • Workaround: use export instead.
      • Limitation: the % special character to mark an environment variable such as %VARIABLENAME% will not be recognized.
        • Workaround: use $VARIABLENAME instead.
        • Hint: be careful when using mixed case spelling for environment variables.
      • Limitation: executing chained Windows commands in one line with the command delimiters & or && will result in executing only the first command.
        • Workaround: use the Linux command delimiter ";" together with the proper Linux command instead.
      • Limitation: prefixing a command with cmd /C does not execute the specified command.

evtl. auf Artikel verlinken;  geht denn probably link to the article, is
cmd /C start "clean shell" /I "${EXPLORER_WINPATH}" "${SCRIPT_WINPATH}"



          • Beispielexample: start "My Notepad" /I c:/tmp/hallo.cmd
          • getestettested:
            •  mit with cygstart -w launcher.bat ./test.cmd 
            • Vorraussetzung cygstart ist verfügbar, gehört nicht zu Umfang einer Copssh installation
              • in einer ssh Verbindung passiert nix
              • in einem JUnit Test schlägt der Test mit dem  exit code 127 fehl
            •  mit cygstart has to be available, it is not integrated in the Copssh installation, but available through the standard cygwin installation
              • nothing happens in the ssh connection
              • JUnit Test fails with exit code 127
            •  with cmd /C start /I ./test.cmd
                • nothing happens in
              • einer
                • the ssh
              • Verbindung passiert nix
                • connection
              • in einem JUnit Test hängt der Test sobald versucht wird das Kommando remote auszuführenJUnit Test hangs as soon as the command will be executed remotely


bitvise SSH Server

  • Environment Variables
    • Limitation: setting environment variables with set would not allow using this variable in further commands.
    • Example: unsuccessful use of an environment variable in a subsequent command:
      • set TESTFILE=test.txt
        echo MYPARAM=myTestParam >> %TESTFILE%
      • This example shows that %TESTFILE% is not substituted, instead a file with the name %TESTFILE% is being created and MYPARAM=myTestParam is being written to that file.