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A minimal SSH Job configuration

Code Block
titleSimple SSH Job
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<job title="Launch remote commands or executable files by SSH" stop_on_error="no">
    <description >
        <include  file="jobs/JobSchedulerSSHJob.xml"/>
    <params >
        <param  name="host" value="HOSTNAME"/>
        <param  name="user" value="USERNAME"/>
        <param  name="password" value="PASSWORD"/>
        <param  name="auth_method" value="password"/>
        <param  name="command" value="printenv"/>
    <script  language="java" java_class="sos.scheduler.job.SOSSSHJob2JSAdapter"/>
    <run_time />


  • Required Parameters
    • Parameters which have to be set in the job configuration to properly run the job
      • Example: The  host parameter is always required to run a job that connects to a remote host.
  • Optional Parameters
    • Parameters which are not required or parameters which are technically required but are instantiated through a default value and therefore do not have to be set in the job configuration
      • Example 1: technically required, but instantiated with default value
        • To connect to a remote host, the  port parameter is required. The parameter is instantiated with the default value 22 therefore the port parameter does not have to be set in the job configuration.
      • Example 2: not required
        • The proxy_host parameter is only used if the jobs connection has to be instantiated over a proxy, otherwise it is not needed at all


  • default value:
    • empty
  • description:
    • This parameter can be used as an alternative to commandcommand_delimiter and command_script. It contains the name of a local (script-)file, which will be transferred to the remote host and executed there. The script can access task and order parameters by environment variables. Environment variable names are written in upper case and have "SCHEDULER_PARAM_" as a prefix. Order parameters with the same name overwrite task parameters.


      The SSH Job is only able to transfer a command script file to the remote machine if SFTP is allowed on the remote SSH Server.


  • default value:
    • empty
  • description
    • The value of this parameter is the host name or the IP address of a proxy used to create the connection to the SSH server. The use of a proxy is optional.