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  • Longer network timeouts are considered the duration of a few minutes and longer.
  • This needs a configuration with increased values for Heartbeat Timeout and Heartbeat Period with the Process Class that is assigned the job.
    • The Agent should get a long Heartbeat Timeout (longer than the assumed network outage).
    • Heartbeat Period should also have a higher value than by default, since every failed connection attempt is logged by the Master and thus the protocol becomes unnecessarily large.
    • Example
      • To cover a 2 hours's network outage with the Master contacting the Agent every 2 minutes specify: heartbeat_timeout="7200" heartbeat_period="120"
      • Higher values than this are accepted. Please consider that
        • the Heartbeat Period specifies the duration after which the result, e.g. the job execution history, is available with the Master. Higher values therefore delay delivery of the job execution history.
        • your firewall should not consider the connection between Master and Agent being idle due to a high value of the Heartbeat Period and therefore should not drop the connection between both components.


  • The heartbeat settings can be configured with the Process Classes that specify the Agent connection. 
  • The configuration is located with the Master, no configuration items are stored with the Agent.