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  • As a tool for Support Teams
    • The automatic screen update function and clear indicator of file transfer operation end status means that Support Teams can be informed of the status of completed operations at a glance and initiate action accordingly.
    • The high configurability of the History Viewer allows flexible configuration of the operations shown - for example to follow transfers for particular Mandants or file transfer targets.
    • Note that the History Viewer does not show file transfer operations that do not start because, for example authentication at the source server is not successful, or because no files for transfer are found, even if these scenarios should cause an error in the JADE client operation.
  • Compliance
    • Access records for particular file transfer operations
    • Provide information jobs that have been run for a particular Mandant
  • File Transfer Information Retrieval / Debugging
    • Retrieval of detailed information about a particular file transfer

What is the History Viewer

The History Viewer is installed on the server alongside the JobScheduler providing the Background Service. It accesses the Background Service database and presents the information on in a table in its interface. The History Viewer comes with a range of filters that can be used to sort the information being shown, for example