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The settings.ini file generated for the configuration shown in the screenshots above is shown in the following code block.

Code Block
titleJADE YADE settings.ini file for the Background Service
history                             = C:\ProgramData\\jade\client_1.10\jade_history\jade_history.csv
HistoryFileAppendMode               = true

include                             = background_service_fragment@BS-local
protocol                            = ftp

host                                =
port                                = 21
user                                = demo
password                            = demo

SendTransferHistory                 = true

BackgroundServiceHost               = localhost
BackgroundServicePort               = 4110
BackgroundServiceTransferMethod     = udp
BackgroundServiceJobChainName       = sos/jade/jade_history

operation                           = copy

source_include                      = protocol_fragment_ftp@ftp_server_2_local
file_spec                           = .*
source_dir                          = /

target_protocol                     = local
target_dir                          = C:/Users/aa/jade_demo/c


  • jade_history
    • this job chain is started each time a file transfer record is sent by the YADE Client by either UDP or TCP
    • the job chain writes the file transfer record to the Background Service database
  • jade_history_receive
    • this job is used to collect history files from a number of servers that the YADE Client is operated for. This job makes use of SFTP to transfer the history files to the JobScheduler server. The history files are then processed by the jade_history_file_order.
    • this is an order job and a sample order can be found in the following JobScheduler file:
      • $SCHEDULER_DATA\config\live\sos\jade\jade_history_receive,receive.order.xml_sample
    • This order can be activated by by removing the _sample suffix from the file name.
    • The order can then be configured by opening the $SCHEDULER_DATA\config\live\sos\jade directory in JOE (the JobScheduler Object Editor), where it will appear against the ID/Title receive - receive as shown in the next screenshot.
  • jade_history_file_order
    • this job chain monitors a directory and by default is configured to process all history files landing in this directory.
      The default location of this directory is:
      • $SCHEDULER_DATA\jade_history\

    • Note that the order comes with a full set of sample parameters.
      • The screenshot shows the parameters after they have been modified to suit the Background Service configuration specified in this tutorial, where the history record file has been generated into a local directory and the transfer takes place from the source_dir shown in the screenshot to the ./jade_history target directory that is monitored by the jade_history_file_order job.
      • The source_user and source_password parameters have been deleted as they are not required for a local to local file transfer.
    • The sample order comes with a Run Time configuration for certain days of the month as can be seen in the screenshot.
    • This order will copy the history file generated by YADE to the target folder where it will be briefly visible until it is processed by the jade_history_file_order job chain before being deleted.
    • An instance of this order has to be started for each YADE Client in the Background Service.