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  • calls an optional script per Agent.
  • This script does not connect to JOC Cockpit or perform any checks but simply serves to create individual notifications per Agent to the System Monitor.
  • The script is executed if it is available from the same directory as the calling script and has to be executable.
  • The script is parameterized to transfer the message type and notification to the System Monitor.
    • <joc-cockpit-url> <scheduler-id> <agent-url> <agent-status>
    • <joc-cockpit-url> is the URL that has been specivied as a parameter to the script
    • <scheduler-id> is the JobScheduler Master ID that has been specified as a parameter to the script
    • <agent-url> is the URL identifying the Agent
    • <agent-status> is one of "RUNNING" , "UNREACHABLE", "TERMINATING", "UNKNOWN_AGENT"

      Code Block
      #!/usr/bin/env perl
      use strict;
      use warnings;
      my ($masterUrl$jocUrl, $schedulerId, $agentUrl, $agentStateText) = @ARGV;
      # do something with $masterUrl$jocUrl, $schedulerId, $agentUrl, $agentStateText