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Supplemental information is available from the JobScheduler Agent for Docker article.


The JobScheduler Universal Agent can be operated inside a Docker container.


  • download the Dockerfile

    Code Block
    FROM java:8-jre
    EXPOSE 4445
    WORKDIR /root
    RUN wget && \
    tar xfvz jobscheduler_unix_universal_agent.1.1013.03.tar.gz
    CMD ["/root/jobscheduler_agent/bin/", "start_docker"]
  • put it into a working directory on a Docker host
  • cd into the working directory
  • create the image with

    Code Block
    docker build --rm -t -tag=jsagent .

The dockerfile Dockerfile is based on the jre8 image of It downloads the most recent indicated release of the JobScheduler Universal Agent and extracts it in the /root directory.


Docker will send a SIGTERM Signal to the Agent startscript start script process which will try to end JobScheduler Universal Agent gracefully. This means that the Agent will not start any new jobs but let running jobs finish normally.

However, by default Docker has a timout timeout of 10 seconds for stopping a container. So, 10 seconds after the stop command, Docker will kill all running jobs and other processes inside the container.