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Job Start Pattern based on Execution Results

  • Jobs are started based on the execution result of a previous job.
  • If Job 1 returns an exit code 1 then Job 2 will be executed.
  • If Job 1 returns an exit code 2 then Job 3 will be executed.


Job1 [label="Job 1",fillcolor="lightskyblue"]
Job1_successful [shape="diamond",label=" execution successful \n based on exit code?",fillcolor="white"]
EndStateSuccess [label="End state: success",fillcolor="palegreen"]
Job2 [label="Job 2",fillcolor="lightskyblue"]
Job3 [label="Job 3",fillcolor="lightskyblue"]
EndStateError [label="End state: error",fillcolor="lightcoral"]
Job1 -> Job1_successful
Job1_successful -> EndStateSuccess [label=" in case of exit code 0 \n End state: success "]
Job1_successful -> Job2 [label=" in case of exit code 1 \n start job 2 "]
Job1_successful -> Job3 [label=" in case of exit code 2 \n start job 3 "]
Job1_successful -> EndStateError [label=" in case of other exit codes \n End state: error "]


Parallel Tasks Job Start Pattern

  • Jobs can be executed in multiple parallel tasks.
  • Each task is All tasks are executed independently from one another.


Job1 [label="Job 1",fillcolor="lightskyblue"]
Task1 [shape="circle",label="Task 1",fillcolor="orange"]
Task2 [shape="circle",label="Task 2",fillcolor="orange"]
Task3 [shape="circle",label="Task 3",fillcolor="orange"]
Task1_successful [shape=diamond,label="execution successful?",fillcolor="white"]
EndStateSuccess1 [label="End state: success",fillcolor="palegreen"]
EndStateError1 [label="End state: error",fillcolor="lightcoral"]
Task2_successful [shape=diamond,label="execution successful?",fillcolor="white"]
EndStateSuccess2 [label="End state: success",fillcolor="palegreen"]
EndStateError2 [label="End state: error",fillcolor="lightcoral"]
Task3_successful [shape=diamond,label="execution successful?",fillcolor="white"]
EndStateSuccess3 [label="End state: success",fillcolor="palegreen"]
EndStateError3 [label="End state: error",fillcolor="lightcoral"]
Job1 -> Task1
Task1 -> Task1_successful
Task1_successful -> EndStateSuccess1
Task1_successful -> EndStateError1

Job1 -> Task2
Task2 -> Task2_successful
Task2_successful -> EndStateSuccess2
Task2_successful -> EndStateError2

Job1 -> Task3
Task3 -> Task3_successful
Task3_successful -> EndStateSuccess3
Task3_successful -> EndStateError3